BRAND NEW ALTINA A8010 GPS Navigation System.


GPS based Navigation using the latest software
MP3 player
Picture viewer
Video player
4.3 inch LCD screen
Built-in SD card slot
Built-in Speaker
Touch Screen LCD
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Uses the latest GPS technology a SiRF Star III chipset.
372 Mhz Samsung processor
64 MB of memory
20 parallel channels

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This is a great Navigation System. It has a built-in lithium-Ion battery making it portable.
The software is easy and intuitive to use.
You can take it while walking in a city and of course you can move it very easily from car to car.
The software does include a Pedestrian mode
It comes with a house charger and a car charger.
Included is of course a windshield mount, so you can mount it in your vehicle.
It comes with maps of the USA and Canada preloaded.
Also you can put some music (MP3), video and pictures on the SD card.
You can access it all by using the built-in MP3 player, Video Player and the picture viewer.

The navigation features are great, you can view maps in 2D, 3D
There is also a night view feature.
Voice instructions - the system speaks by announcing where to turn.
The system has a database of Points Of Interests (POI) which is great as you can find almost anything you may need.
Banks, stores, hotels, restaurants, parks, camping, etc. etc. You can see either the map or just the directions.
One feature I like is that while driving, the system zooms out (so you can see more of the map), while when you are stationary (or not moving as fast) the system will zoom in.
Of course you can also manually adjust the zoom.
The system even knows the names of bridges while you are driving over them (it displays the name at the bottom)

1 - ALTINA A8010 GPS Navigation Unit
1 - SD Card
1 - Car Charger
1 - House Charger
1 - USB Cable
1 - Windshield Mount

limited manufacturer's warranty

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