Pair of Eurolite H4XB Xenon Super bulbs
Street Legal!! DOT/SAE Approved

This means you will NOT be pulled over and ticketed for these lights.
Don't waste your money on some bulbs that may cost you a $100 ticket.
Buy DOT/SAE approved bulbs.

Made by Toucan Industries - not a cheap imitation.
The 4th generation of the HID look lightbulbs.
These are the best HID look bulbs on the market.
They are brighter than the DP and the Fusion series.

ONLY $17.95 per pair
shipping is always FREE
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New generation of Xenon Crystal bulb has achieved a 4100K (Kelvin) color temperature.
Combined with approximately a 30% increase in lumen output over the current models.
Toucan has achieved this feat of optical engineering by fine-tuning three processes in manufacturing.
A unique mixture of gases including Krypton as well as Xenon,
adding the latest in coating technology
and modifications to the glass annealing process combined in a synergistic manner to produce the final result.

  • EUROLITE Xenon Super Plasma Bulbs, (BRAND NEW) .
  • HID look, made by Eurolite JUST RELEASED XB series .
  • EUROLITE Xenon Super Plasma bulbs perform like higher wattage 'standard' bulbs.
  • Xenon charged replacement bulbs match the brilliance, sparkle and clarity of HID lighting systems.
  • They reduce eyestrain and increase safety beyond conventional halogen bulbs.
  • EUROLITE is superior to other brand names!
  • Give off same light as seen on many luxury vehicles.
  • To find out which lights fit your car check out the application chart.